Precon Panel

A first in Sudan "Precon Panel"

German technology, Turkish Quality, quality and reasonable price gather under a single roof!

precon-panelPrecon Panel which has a thinner and lighter structure can be transpoerted easily

With confidence to every point in Sudan

  • Why choose Precon Panel?
  • High stability with sealing function
  • More robust, more durable and thinner
  • Thinner and higher sound insulation than other panels
  • It is resistant to storms and hails
  • Suitable for roof and wall mounting
Options Unit      
Sheet Thickness mm 0,35 0,40 0,45
Substrate   Foil Foil Foil

Technical Specifications

  • It has a hard polyurethane foam core. It is CFC free and weighs approximately 40kg/m³.

  • Due to its high efficiency profile geometry and 10mm thick polyurethane foam layer adhered to the upper shell, our product has an extremely high stability.

Scope of application

Photovoltaic system roofs, new buildings, renovation works and all kinds of agricultural or industrial buildings.

Techical Information

Top Sheet: 0,35mm Sheet-Painted
Foam: Polyurethane Filled - Pur Foam


Substrate / Foil

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