Modular Worker Camps
Modular Worker Camps
We established the workers' camp accommodation and office buildings of Akkuyu, Turkey's first Nuclear Power Plant.
Manub Mining Prefabricated Camp Buildings
Manub Mining Prefabricated Camp Buildings
Sudan Abu Kampad, in Gabgaba, Managem - Manub Mining 150 Rooms prefabricated camp.
Container Buldings Site - Rajhi International Co. Al Gaba
Container Buldings Site - Rajhi International Co. Al Gaba
Precon container construction safety, long-lasting use, wear-free paint system

Special and innovative prefabricated building systems that make life easier.

We bring th Turkish quality thanks to the Parrnership whit the Turkish Global brand KARMOD.
Professional Cadre
Qualified and professional cadre. 12 years of experience in Sudan.
International Standards
Using internationally accepted materials ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System.
After Sales Services
One year warranty for all products and after sales services.
Prefab Buildings Are Preferred In Sudan Thanks To Their

Precon Sudan for prefabricated buildings technology came as a result of partnership with the global brand Karmod. Established at 1986 in Istanbul, Karmod brought innovative solutions from prefabricated buildings and containers and became a world leader today carrying out projects in nearly 110 countries around the world.


Why Prefabricated Technology

• Druble

• Movable 

• Fast Built

• Comfortable

• Energy Saver 

• Reasonable Prices



Completed Projects
With our products that we produce in 5 different models in prefabricated construction site structures, prefabricated ready-made houses, office and living containers, sandwich panels, security and modular cabins, we have become the most preferred prefabricated brand of large companies in their projects.
We continue to present our precon panel, prefabricated houses, structures, cabins and container products in our product range in visual and video environment.