A Visit to Precon from Istanbul Medipol University Students

01 September 2021

Education has interrupt because of Covid-19 pandemic and millions of students were away from their school during the period. In this context, Istanbul Medipol University Faculty of Fine Arts, Design and Architecture students are leading a meaningful project in order to continue face-to-face education without interruption during pandemic period.

Faculty of Architecture students as part of the summer internship program, Under the consultancy of Faculty Member Dr. Şehnaz Cenani Durmazoğlu, have started working on designing classrooms and social areas consisting of container structures for the university campus. Firstly, Students visited Precon to get information about containers for the "Covid-Free Container Classes and Social Areas Project" they wanted to design. Precon Sales and Marketing Manager Abdullah Yüceer accompanied the university delegation, which included 12 students, during their visit to our company.

First of all, we made a presentation to the incoming student delegation in the factory training hall in order for them to see the technical features, dimensions, and examples made by combining the modules. In the presentation, the issues that will give important ideas to students were emphasized about the preparation of Covid-free Container Classes, which will make a great contribution to uninterrupted face-to-face education. New generation container school model of Precon was introduced, which are the schools that it has built in France, Malta, Nigeria, Libya and Cameroon along with our country. After the short-term OHS training after the presentation, the delegation was given the opportunity to see the production closely by taking a tour of the container production lines.

Students who come to our company for their projects aim to prepare a Covid-Free Container Class of 200 students on the campus of their universities in the first stage. Social areas that students may need are also planned within the project. In the project, which is being worked on within the internship, there are workshops for students, cafeteria, kitchen, WC, warehouse.