Prefabricated Houses

Prefab Ready-to-use Homes are manufactured with cutting-edge technology through custom manufacturing specifically designed for Sudan's climate. Precon prefab home models are prepared by home design specialists. The most important advantage of Precon prefab ready-to-use homes is the installation to the region you desire in Sudan by professional teams within significantly short period of time right after the demountable structure is pre-produced in our facility with all details included.

Prefabricated houses have major advantages compared with traditional reinforced concrete houses and other home models considering the time of production and prices. In Precon, long-life ready homes are delivered by our company as ready to use with all parts included from walls to the roof, from windows to doors, and from water installation to electrical installation.

Different decorative covering applications may be applied to the exterior wall of our prefabricated houses depending on customer’s choice. Our prefabricated homes are designed and produced with desired sizes and plans as single-storey or two-storey solutions.