Cabin Technical Specifications

Technical specifications of Precon Polyester cabin:
1. All walls and roof panels of Precon polyester cabin are produced from (FRP) Fiber glass Reinforced Polyester material and are formed as sandwich panel (double wall). After that a layer of Polyurethane foam with thickness of 4 cm is injected between the two wall sheets. Cabins are sound and heat insulated.
2. The panels of Precon modular cabin system are produced by combining rigid polyurethane foam with panels and insulating them with antibacterial silicon. Besides being water and sound proof, the surface of cabin looks glossy and smooth.
3. The external surface of Precon cabin is coated with bright white refractive paint that is a mixture of gel-coat and pigment. Therefore it enjoys the following characteristics:

  • It can be easily washed and cleaned
  • It is not damaged by ultra violet rays and direct sun exposure
  • Resistant to severe weather conditions
  • Anti corrosive and rust
  • The panels are resistant to impact and can bear a snow load of 400 kg/m²

4.Precon cabins’ panels can bear temperature degree between +60° to -45°. The standard color is white neon color. However, upon request other colors can be applied.
5. Aluminum window frames of Precon armod cabin are painted with white electrostatic powder paint. Within the aluminum profile tempered auto safety glass of 4 mm is used.
6. Precon cabins are equipped with complete electrical installations. Fuses of 16 A, grounded sockets, keys and telephone sockets are all provided. There is also an armature with fluorescent lamp fastened on the ceiling of the cabin.
7. Precon cabin’s door comes in white color, with electrostatic powder painted profiles. Door lock is provided and the thickness of the door window glass is 4 mm.
8. The metal frame of Precon cabin floor is produced from 1.5 mm iron profiles. The profile chassis is painted with anticorrosive paint. The top of profile chassis is covered with cement chipboard of 16 mm thickness. Then the cement chipboard is covered with vinyl plastic sheet.
9. Precon cabin is TSEK and ISO 9001: 2000 certified and trade mark registered. Precon cabins and Preconbrand are registered with Istanbul Chamber of Commerce and Turkish Patent Institute.
10. Precon polyester cabins have one year guaranteed against production and labor defects.
11. There is “Precon” branded aluminum and self-adhesive label on Precon cabins. Precon guarantee is not applicable to any cabin which does not carry “Precon” label.
12. The buyer is required to prepare a 10 cm concrete slab on the area where the cabin will be installed. 10 x 10 cm cubic wood pieces should be put inside the concrete platform in corners. After the concrete dries, the cabin is fixed to the slab with screws.  Electricity and water supply are responsibility of the buyer.
13. All materials and parts used in production of Precon cabins are chosen from top quality brands

Precon Portable Mobile WC-Shower Cabins
1. Squatting toilets or western-style toilets are installed based on customer’s preferences. The toilet and the washbasin are made of ceramic.
2. Flush tanks are suspended or connected to the rear toilet. The flush water tanks are fixed with crimped hoses or flat pipes.
3. Precon WC-Shower cabins are ISO 9001:2000 certified and are produced according to TSE (Turkish Standards Institute).
4. The water plumbing is installed with marble cast shower basin (80 x 80 cm). The shower armature, soap holder and hot water plumbing are also fixed in shower cabins.
5. The cabin floor is made of iron profile material of 1.5 mm thickness. The profile chassis is painted with anticorrosive paint. For the floor of the toilet, the cabin is raised 14 cm from ground for the S-trap installation, and over it comes the fiber cement board with 16 mm thickness. Over the cement board white ceramic is fixed. The dimensions of ceramic tiles are 20 x 20 cm and are jointed together with special material.
6. Other accessories like toilet paper holder, mirror, hanger, plastic framed mirror set, ground screen, are all fixed in the WC units.
7. Based on customer request, polyester water tank of 400 L can be placed on roof of the toilet cabin.
8. A 16 or 20 cm fan can be installed as an option.
9. All materials and parts used in production of Precon Toilet-Shower cabins are chosen from top quality brands