Prefab School Buildings

Having a secure, healthy and comfortable learning environment is essential nowadays in all education facilities. With our Precon prefab school buildings, we offer ergonomic school buildings where teachers and students can continue teaching activities in a peaceful and active environment. We produce prefab school buildings that can be used as kindergarten, primary school, high school, university, Quran courses, vocational schools, and private training schools. Precon manufactures and assembles school buildings by using seamless threaded system technology. Our prefabricated buildings are produced as demountable structures and delivered as ready to use after installation by professional teams. Within the scope of Precon school models, different school modules and functions can be designed and manufactured such as classrooms, libraries, laboratories, special activity rooms, teachers\' lounge, principal\'s room, student affairs rooms, conference halls, meeting halls, and WC shower units, all in a single building.