Technical Features of Prefab Buildings

You can see technical features of our prefab buildings in detail via links in relevant pages. Being designed for comfortable spaces by Precon specialists, our buildings are manufactured through advanced technology, and first class quality products are preferred for each detail and part of the building. In our technical features section, you can review wall panels, roof and coverings, windows and doors, electrical and water installations, electrical and water fittings.

KARMOD’s yearly production capacity of prefabricated buildings is 300.000 m²


Karmod prefabricated houses are outstanding residential solutions that are manufactured at Karmod facility then delivered and assembled as ready to use at the desired location.
Prefabricated houses are manufactured in easy to assemble light weight parts that can be transported by trucks and carried merely by manpower to and off the truck. All the steel columns and beams that form the loading system are manufactured by means of roll-form high tech machines. As for walls that form the building they are not considered part of the loading system which explains why they do not get damaged as all load is handled by the steel columns and H-shape beams based on the static calculations.
Prefabricated houses are assembled and installed on a flat concrete slab and are fastened to it through steel dowels, which enables future reinstalling to another location if required.
You can find general properties of prefabricated houses in the following sections.


The main structure of prefabricated houses consists of thin galvanized steel profiles conforming to
DIN EN 10326 standard, and produced with S320GD+Z +AZ (Erdemir quality no: 1332), S350GD+Z +AZ (Erdemir quality no: 1335), and/or (Erdemir quality no: 1322).
Static calculations and load values are calculated by using Sap2000, CFS, STA4CAD, BRICSCAD, HAYESCAD based on the intended usage of the building and required seismic and static calculations of the region where the building is constructed.
Prefabricated Houses are being manufactured by taking into consideration:
ØSnow load (Max.):80 kg/m2,
ØWind force: 90 kg/m2,
ØProduction is according to Turkish standard institutions specifications TS 498
ØLive load is 200 kg/ m² and dead load is 400 kg /m²
ØPrefabricated house earthquake parameters are A =0.40 I=1 n= 0.3


TS 11372: Light Weight Steel Structures-Composed of Cold Formed Steel Members-Design Rules
TS 648: Building code for Steel structures
TS 6793: Loads Due To Use and Occupancy In Residential and Public Buildings
TS 498: Loads Calculation for Dimensioning of Construction Elements
TS 7046: Principles of structure design - Determination of Snow Loads on Roofs
TS ENV 1993–1–2: Euro-code 3 - Design of steel structures – Part 1-2: General rules – Structural design against fire
TS 4561: Rules for Plastic Design of Steel Structures
TS ENV 1090-1: Steel Construction Applications –Part 1:General rules and rules for buildings
TS ENV 1090-3: Steel Construction Applications – Part 3: Supplementary rules for high strength of steel
TS ENV1998-1:Eurocode 8: Projecting Buildings Resistance to Earthquake –Volume 1: General rules, rules for seismic effects and buildings.
TS EN 10326:Delivery Terms for plates produced by continuous hot galvanized Construction Steel
TS EN 10327:Delivery Terms for plates produced by continuous hot galvanized, cold shaping purpose, low Carbon Steel
TS EN 10162:Steel cold-rolled profiles – Technical delivery conditions – Dimensional and cross-sectional tolerances
TS EN 20898:Mechanical properties of fasteners-Part 7: Tensional test and minimum torques for bolts and screws with nominal diameters 1 mm to 10 mm
TS 3611 EN 20898-2:Mechanical specifications of connection elements – Part 2: Test Load Values Determined Nuts—Normal Step


Ø Outer wall Thickness: 50 mm
Ø Heat and Noise Insulation Material: 40 mm thick Polystyrene Foam (Polyurethan) (24-40kg/m³)
(Fire Strength: “B” class “flame resistant” material).
Ø Carrier Panel Construction: Specially shaped Galvanized sheet sandwich panels.
Ø Outer Wall Inner Coating: 8 mm thick cemented board (optional)
Ø Outer Wall Inner Coating Paint: Plastic Paint (Double Coating)
Ø Outer Wall Outer Coating Paint: Acrylic Paint (Double Coating)


Ø Inner Wall Thickness: 40 - 50 mm
Ø Heat and Noise Insulation Material: 48 mm thick Polyurethan (34-40 kg/m3)
(Fire Strength: “B1” class “flame resistant” material.)
Ø Carrier Panel Construction: Galvanized sheet sandwich panels
Ø Inner Wall Inner Coating: 8 mm thick cement board (CE approved) optional
Ø Inner Wall Inner Coating Paint: Plastic Paint (Double Coating)


Ø It is made from cold formed painted steel frames with isolation materials
Ø It is coated by 10 mm plywood or cement chipboard and 80 mm glasswool on the suspended ceiling for noise insulation.
Ø The carrying load has been calculated as 200 kg/m2.


Ø The steel skeleton is coated by 10 mm plywood or cement board
Ø The uncoated part of ladder is coated with a lining layer and then painted with oil paint
Ø Guardrail of the ladder is made from shaped profiles


ØFor ceiling coating, plaster boards in thickness of 12.5 mm are used
ØThe insulation of the ceiling is achieved with 80 mm layer of glasswool (12-14 kg/m3)
ØThe ceiling structure is made from cold formed pressed omega steel profiles that are located under the truss. As omega steel profiles has round corners then no corrosion is resulted at sides because of transpiration.
ØPlaster boards are combined through profiles manufactured from electro static painted aluminum material.


Ø Roof Coating Material: Painted galvanized metal sheet. (0.55 mm. Thick)
Ø Truss: Special Shaped galvanized profile
Ø Roof Support System: Made of special designed galvanized sheet
Ø Insulation Material: 50 mm thick Glasswool (14 kg/m3)
Ø Ceiling Roof construction: Special designed Profiles


Ø External doors size: 900 x 2000 mm
Ø Door material: Steel door
Ø Door casing: Metal Door Casing
Ø Lock / Knob: Embedded cylindrical lock/ Metal door knob. Brand name: Kale


Ø Size: 800 x2000 mm
Ø Door style: American door
Ø Door Casing: Metal Door Casing
Ø Lock / Knob: Embedded Lock / Metal door knob. Brand name: Kale


Windows size: 120 x 100 cm PVC material.


Ø Outer Surface: 2 coats of acrylic paint
Ø Inner Surface: 2 coats of plastic paint (colors to be determined by the costumer)
Ø Ceiling: 2 coats of plastic paint (colors to be determined by the costumer)
Note: Textile based decorative wallpaper is used instead of inner surface paint upon customer request

14.Electrical installation

All electrical materials and components are carefully chosen from among top quality Turkish brands.(Optional)
Ø 250 V Cable: Brand name: Vatan or Oznur,
Ø Switches and Sockets – Brand name: Wiko
Ø Socket Cables NYM and NYA 3x2.5 mm2
Ø Illumination Cables NYM and NYA 2x1.5 mm2
Ø Illumination Armatures Normal spaces Round Shaped Armatures
Ø Wet spaces Round Globe– Diamond-Shaped
Ø Outer Door Top Outer Globe – Diamond-Shaped
Ø Fuse, fuse boxes -Siemens brand
Ø Electrical Board Costumer’s responsibility
Ø Telephone Installation: Costumer’s responsibility
Ø Main Line Connection: Costumer’s responsibility.
Ø RCBO available in all buildings: RCBO stands for \\\"Residual Current Breaker with Over-current protection\\\".
NOTE: Stove, Air Conditioner, Electrical Radiator usage should be specified in the project.
Each heater, air conditioner shall be fed by a separate fuse line.

15. Sanitary installation

All sanitary network materials and components are carefully chosen from among top quality Turkish brands.
Ø Pipes (potable water PPRC pipe). Brand name: Fırat
Ø Pipes (drain) PVC pipe. Brand name: Fırat
Ø Fittings and Armatures:
Ø Sinks 40 x 50 cm Whole Stand
Ø Sink Tap
Ø Closet PVC reservoir
Ø Shower basin 80 x 80 cm from acrylic
Ø Bathroom mixer for hot and cold water
Ø Tap for toilet, mounted on the wall
Ø Kitchen Installation Hot/Cold water installment, kitchen cabinet is not included.
Ø Costumer is responsible for drain and potable water main lines and connections
Note: Installations are tested in our facilities prior to delivery.