Construction Site Container

Construction companies and similar business are experiencing intense and fast growing work environment and are becoming more and more in need of ergonomic and quickly constructed work site buildings.

Precon, knowing the importance of time to construction companies, has developed special container based buildings solutions for their urgent space needs. These solutions are rapidly manufactured and installed at the requested location.

Depending on the standard container as the modular unit, construction site containers can be joined together to form the required building with all needed functions. It could be single floor or up to three floor. It can be a single accommodation unit or a huge multi function complex that contains dormitories, kitchen, dining hall, offices, toilets and showers, meeting rooms, mosque, training rooms, laboratory, cafeteria and workers rest rooms.

The containers are fully produced at Precon factory then shipped to the desired location to be assembled and installed by our team of experts and then delivered as ready to use at a short time.