Container Technical Specifications


1. General description of the system

Karmod welded container is developed especially for local market customers requiring a ready to use solution for immediate delivery. Different from flat pack container, the welded container comes fully assembled and ready to use from Karmod factory. It comes in two different sizes:
·         Type 1: Dimensions (Width x Length x Height): 240 x 600 x 260 cm
·         Type 2: Dimensions (Width x Length x Height): 300 x 700 x 260 cm
You will find general properties of welded containers in the following sections.

2. Production technology:

The main structural frame of the welded containers consists of cold-formed steel profiles. Steel sections are cold-formed (a process increasing the load carrying capacity of steel sections) from flat ST37 steel sheets using state of art roll-form machines. Karmod’s roll-form machines are fully automatic and are able to manufacture error-free steel members (error tolerance = 0.6 mm) including the bolt holes. Structural design calculations are performed by our engineers before the production of structural members in accordance with the space function, internal & external effects and national & international design standards. Environmental effects (snow, wind, temperature, etc.) and seismic effects in the region and customer expectations are taken into consideration in the structural design process, which is conducted with the help of several advanced design & analysis software, e.g. Sap2000, XSteel, CFS and in-house programs. Below are the main design parameters we use for welded containers:
Ø  Snow load (Max.): 80 kg/m²
Ø              Wind speed (Max.): 102 km/h
Ø  Weight capacity of floor frame (Max.): 200 kg/m²
Insulation: Insulation material is Expanded Polystyrene Foam (EPS) with 40 mm thickness (10/12 kg/m³). As for general heat transfer coefficients:
Ø  Heat transfer coefficient for outer walls: 0.74 Kkal/m²sa°C
Ø  Heat transfer coefficient for inner walls: 0.69 Kkal/m²sa°C
Ø  Heat transfer coefficient for the roof: 0.68 Kkal/m²sa°C
Ø  Heat transfer coefficient for the floor: 3.85 Kkal/m²sa°C

Coating works

All metal surfaces are painted with double coating; double layer synthetic white painting (Ral 9002).

Conditions which must be ensured in advance
Ø  A simple blinding concrete layer without steel should be prepared as a base, taking into consideration the dimensions of the building that will be laid on it.
Ø  Concrete must be laid according to the concrete schedule (foundation sizes) to be given by our company. The building is fixed to the base by steel dowels or anchorages.
Ø  Steel supported raft foundation must be prepared in seismic zones. Reinforced concrete base must be laid under bearing walls.

3. Bottom Frame (Chassis)

Ø  Lower eyebolts are embedded in the corners.
Ø  Thickness of box profiles, which are used for facilitating assembly and support, is 1.2 mm.
Ø  For floor 16 mm thickness cement chipboard (betopan) is used. The technical properties of betopan board:
Ø  Flame proof (B1 DIN 4102 part)
Ø  Density ~1300 kg/mm³
Ø  Thermal conductivity coefficient 0.15 W/mK
Ø  Resistance against perpendicular to the surface 9N/mm²
Ø  Elasticity module 4500N/mm²
Ø  Betopan is fixed to the bottom profiles by means of galvanized screws.
Ø  A 3 mm thickness layer of Vinyl is used in floor coating. It is attached to betopan board by special glue.

4. Top Frame (Chassis)

Ø  The loading and unloading of container is made by connecting the steel ropes with equal distance to the iron lifting eyes embedded in the corners, to the locks.
Ø  Roof insulation is insured by placing 80 mm fiberglass between the transverse and longitudinal box profiles in the top frame (It is applied according to the fiberglass’s article).
Ø  Upper frame is fixed to the corner beams by welding.
Ø  PVC paneling is used for ceiling covering.

5. Corner Beams

Ø  The 4 corner beams are fixed to upper and lower frames by welding.
Ø  Beams consist of two steel profiles reinforcing each other. Each one is 2.5 mm thickness.
Ø  Downspouts with a diameter of 40 mm are placed into corner beams to discharge storm water.

6. Walls

Ø  Outer wall height is 260 cm.
Ø  Insulation of wall panels is ensured by EPS with thickness of 40 mm.
Ø  Outer surface is covered with galvanized trapezoidal sectioned steel sheets with 35 mm roll depth and 0.50 mm thickness.
Ø  Sheets are coated with RAL 9002 polyester paint. Thickness of coating is 20 microns and thickness of the primer is 5 microns.
Ø  Quality of sheets in use: DX51 D+Z (EN10327, DIN 17162/1&2, ASTM A653), tensile strength max. 500 N/mm² (EN10327, DIN 17162/1&2, ASTM A653), ultimate elongation min. 22 (EN10327, DIN 17162/1&2, ASTM A653), coating amount (hot dipping) 200-280 gr/m (EN10327, DIN 17162/1&2 ASTM A653).
Ø  PVC panels are used for internal covering.

7. Doors

Ø  Frames and wings of all doors are made of Painted Steel Sheets. Internal doors are made of MDF.
Ø  External door is insulated with 40 mm thickness layer of EPS.
Ø  Dimensions of main doors are 900 mm x 2000 mm.
Ø  Dimensions of Internal doors are 800 mm x 2000 mm.
Ø  (TSE) approved brand lock is installed for main doors.
Ø  Four metal hinges are used in doors with dimensions 100 mm x 25 mm. They are coated with RAL 9002.

8.  Windows

Ø  Frames and wings of all windows are made of galvanized steel sheet covered with PVC. Windows handles are PVC.
Ø  Windows are single-wing and open toward inside. Dimensions are 100 mm x 120 mm.
Ø  4 mm single glazing.
Ø  Extractor fan for WC - Shower area.

9. Sanitary Installation

Ø  Dimensions of pedestal sinks used in WCs are 400 mm x 500 mm.
Ø  Warm and cold water is available in sinks.
Ø  Western style toilets are equipped with flux boxes and waste water is discharged from the back side.
Ø  There is a shower tray (800 mm x 800 mm), faucet and shower head in the bathroom.
Ø  Drinking water pipe & fittings are PPRC and waste water pipe & fittings are PVC.

10.  Electrical installation

Ø  Lighting cables are of 3 x 1.5 mm² NYM.
Ø  Power socket cables are of 3 x 2.5 mm² NYM.
Ø  Each room has 3 electrical sockets and double phone socket. Toilet and shower have one double socket with water protection.
Ø  Fuse box is included.
Ø  Residual current circuit breakers are included.

11.  Roof

Ø  27 mm x 200 mm roll depth, 0.55 mm thick galvanized trapezoidal sectioned unpainted steel sheets.
Ø  80 mm mattress of glass wool (14 kg/m³).