Demountable (Flat Pack) Container

This type of containers is produced with modern screw system technology without welding. They are fully produced at our factory and then delivered assembled or disassembled to the required location according to customer preferences. Demountable or sometimes called flat pack containers are manufactured according to international land, sea and rail transportation and shipping standards and offer the advantage of saving transportation expenses. while only two pieces or standard containers can be shipped in one truck, 10 pieces of flat pack containers can be shipped together allowing for big transportation cost saving. Precon flat pack containers can serve customers’ needs in different places such as workers site camps.

They are usually preferred because they can be disassembled and relocated to another location easily and then reassembled quickly.

Our demountable containers are mainly used by construction site projects, oil and gas exploration sites, road construction site, and airport construction site. Flat pack containers can form buildings, through joining them together, that contain many functions like dormitories, cafeteria, administration offices, sanctuary, recreation halls, and WC and shower units.